Aion 6.2 Manastones ::

Ok hello my main is ranger and like topic say i wanna talk about pve stigma and stats for PVE. My stats are 13k psy attack/ 11.400 accuracy/crit 2500 / HP 41K / PVE attack 2150. That is something what i can share. This is my stigma build. 13/11/2019 · Hello all, I would like to ask you about gear stats/manastones for support pvp cleric. What you would reccomend and why? From 7.0 lots of people recommend full MR set, which should allow also resist stuns from templars/sins/chanters etc. or full Evasion set for. 06/10/2019 · Aion 6.5 newbie guide. Attention: Guide outdated. Update to 7.0 expected to follow calendar week 42. Although there are several useful guides at Aion Powerbook I thought it would not hurt to write a guide especially for beginners to give them a rough overview of Aion. This guide was written in 6.2 and later updated to 6.5. It is only very noticeable now, we do not even get approach enough manastones and most are just garbage. I have been farming a lot above average since 6.2 and have crit stones for 2 parts. Maybe that would be a way to get more stones, that the chance of the good ones would be adjusted? 20/03/2019 · Hi all, after couple of years I started to play a bit more with my cleric alt. I am gathering genesys crystals and just wanted to ask what gear to buy, how many sets to make for pve/pvp, what stats to reroll and what manastones to slot. I am getting.

10/12/2017 · He is misinformed, or he isn't expressing what he understands clearly enough. For example, enchanting your armour will increase your White attack, but will not alter the damage stated in the tooltip of your skill, however it WILL increase the overall damage done when you use that skill. As the title said it's about what manastones should be socketed how much of each type. As we all already know if you socket too much knowledge manastones at one time every new socketed manastone will lower the stats. So how to socket your gear to be.

19/09/2017 · Must be new. First off as magic classes it's always a hard life style because you need enough magical accuracy to land your hits and debuffs. Then you. Join us at the /r/Aion Discord Server! Aion is an MMORPG distributed by NCsoft and is played worldwide. Posting Rules. Do not post anything which violates the terms and conditions of Aion. E.G. buying/selling of accounts. you want enough accuracy to reach 3k with food and buffs, maybe even 3.5k. enough crit to reach 1k with food and buffs, enough macc to reliably land your magic skills, then attack to make your attacks hurt more. hp,mr,evasion are all nice stats to have more of, but you gimp your damage by socketing that over attack/crit/acc and the like.

17/04/2019 · 6.2 Did there something. The ones lowered in crit are according to this huge Aion Skill Dmg spreadsheet Flame Harpoon 70% of the total crit Flame Spray 70%;. This Calculation is not for full dmg. calculation, its "just" the answer of Atk. or Crit. Manastones. to increase the most possible average Damage.

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