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05/10/2019 · The first pickle juice I ever drank straight was at a horrendous dive bar in the East Village called Continental—a place where crusty bartenders doled out five shots of anything for $12, the sting of which you could mask with $2 picklebacks. A bargain! Continental filed for bankruptcy twice. 16/10/2017 · The best shot and chaser combo all in one. Combine bourbon, pickle juice and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until the outside of the cocktail shaker feels cold. Run a lemon slice around the rims of two cocktail glasses, then.

Photo of Griffins of Kinsale - "Jameson w/ pickle juice as a chaser. Delicious!" - South Pasadena, CA. jameson whiskey w pickle juice chaser trust us $10 one & one add a $5 jameson to any beer. liquored iced sodas all 12 celeryman gin with celery tonic syrup, cucumber & mint root ‘n’ rye rye whiskey with sarsaparilla syrup & angostura bitters mulberry street aperol, raspberry & lemon syrup. Pickle juice of course! Is pickle juice a good chaser? Absolutely! From homemade pickles preferably. Spicy, briny and salty pickle juice is a great chaser! What is a Pickleback Shot? A shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice! What type of whiskey is used in this cocktail? Old Crow was the original whiskey, but now Jameson is quickly. 27/05/2010 · The drink itself is notoriously simple. It consists of one shot of Jameson followed by a pickle juice chaser. While a description of the drink will likely garner a strange look from those not ‘in the know’, the unexpected combination of slightly sweet and woody Jameson and salty, tangy pickle juice.

1 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 shot Pickle Juice Chaser. Pour each shot into separate shot glasses. Drink the whiskey shot immediately followed by the shot of Pickle Juice Chaser. If you aren’t into shots but want to try the chaser, The Pickle Juice Chaser works great in cocktails and martinis as well. The Dirty Pickle Martini 8 oz gin or vodka. Pickle back, Irish mule and Irish coffee! St. Patricks day whiskey drinks! Pickle back, Irish mule and Irish coffee! St. Patricks day whiskey drinks! Pickle back, Irish mule and Irish coffee. Pickle juice is being feted everywhere as the new super food, and rightly so. Pickle juice contains vitamins and minerals, and because it's a fermented food, it's good for your gut. Plus it's got a great salty taste, which makes pickle juice or pickle brine an excellent flavor addition to cocktails.

13/10/2012 · Whats a good chaser for Jameson? I use ginger ale a lot and ive heard of pickle juice. Anything else out there? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 7 years ago. Best Answer. Many Jameson drinkers will say nothing or water. Your ginger ale seems to be a nice one too. Shot of tequila with a dill pickle juice shot chaser! 1 oz Tequila 1 oz dill pickle juice or Jameson and pickle juice shot 1 oz Jameson 1oz dill pickle juice Note 1. Don't be a fool. Use dill pickle juice, not sweet pickle juice. 2. This is an AT HOME shot. Don't go to some super trendy Hollywood night club, asking for Jameson and pickle.

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