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The Senegal Parrot Poicephalus senegalus, also known as the Yellow-vented Parrot, is a charming and very trainable small parrot. They have the big bird personality in a little bird body. Being cuddly and adapting easily to their environment, they make endearing pets. In aviculture Senegal parrots can start to breed at the age of 3 to 4 years in captivity, but some do not breed until age 5 years.Parent reared birds are known to breed as early as 2 years of age. Senegal parrot nest boxes can be any of a variety of sizes and shapes; but for example, a nest box about 18 iches high and 8 inches to 10 inches.

Did you know: The Senegal Parrot is one of the most heavily trapped wild birds in the world; since 1981, 735,775 birds have been recorded in international trade. Senegal Parrots are one of the most popular parrots to be kept as pets, and the most popular Poicephalus parrot. Senegal parrots are medium not much bigger than cockatiels sized parrots that can make excellent pets. They do mimic, but are more adept at sounds than clear speech. They are generally quieter parrots, but they definitely can let out a screech when excited.

Not starting too ambitiously but with free-breeding species that mature quickly to teach you the basics of Parrot breeding. Making up pairs from young birds. Experience does enter the success equation to a degree, but many beginners are successful while others keep Parrots for years with very poor breeding. Successful breeding of the Meyer’s Parrot. PART I. When the chick was 18 years old, I put a ring of size 6,5mm on its leg. It was handfed by formula “Psittacus neonatal” for the first two weeks. Adopt a Senegal if you want to handle them often. Senegal parrots really enjoy being held and played with. If having a bird you can handle and interact with seems fun for you and you have the time to do so each day, a Senegal parrot may be a good choice for you. 27/02/2007 · Senegal parrot breeders state that this aviary is a beautiful bird. This species is not easy to breed, because some birds don t breed until they are 3-4 years, others reach 6 or 7 years of age without breeding. Sometimes the owner surrenders the bird and in the new home it begins to breed.

10/07/2014 · How long do Senegal Parrots live? 24 posts • Page 1 of 3 • 1, 2, 3. How long do Senegal Parrots live? by. I apologize if it exists already. Has anyone on here had a Senegal Parrot that lived out his life with you? Anyone have a really old Senegal? I've read 20 years, 30-40 years,. That doesn't meant it's a common age. 13/05/2010 · Senegal Parrot, what is it like? What are characteristics and temperament of Senegal Parrots? How do you care for a Senegal Parrot? Can Senegals learn how to do tricks? Are poicephalus senegalus parrots aggressive? Do senegal parrots scream or are they quiet birds? My Senegal Parrot isn't tame, how do you teach a sennie to step up? What food.

26/04/2019 · To care for a Senegal parrot, try to get the biggest cage you can find, since they need a lot of space. Make sure you change the cage's lining and wash all the dishes in it every day to help keep your bird healthy. Additionally, provide your bird with one serving of parrot-formulated pellets a day. Breeding in Captivity: It is commonly accepted that these birds to not breed until they are about 3 to 4 years of age. The hens will be sexually mature by the age of 2 years some maybe as early as 12 months. The cocks take a bit longer and I would expect them to be mature at about 3 years. This will account for the accepted age of breeding. They lay three to four eggs in a clutch. The whole clutch is hatched by the female parrot. Female incubates the eggs for twenty seven to twenty eight days. These are not reliable signs or indicators. The only reliable way is DNA testing. During the season of mating the parrot needs special diet to eat.

Did You Know? The Senegal Parrot is one of the most heavily trapped wild birds in the world; since 1981, 735,775 birds have been recorded in international trade. 148 thoughts on “ What you need to know when breeding African Gray Parrots ” Idrees Chaudhry 24. December 2013 at 11:04. I have a pair of African Grey Parrot, already DNA, but i cant able to ensure they are come to breed now or not. there is Islamabad – Pakistan winter season, their behavior is “female spend lot of time during every.

What a wonderful pet is a Senegal Parrot! This small species is native to West Africa. It is quiet, personable, and learns to talk and mimic sounds very easily. Bird and Parrot classifieds. Browse through available senegal poicephalus parrots for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Senegal Parrot As A Pet. As pets, the Senegal Parrots are quiet but with time they learn to imitate both noises and speech. They love to play and crave to be out of their cage from time to time. Some of these birds as pets may resort to biting when they are upset or frustrated.

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