Jacob “Tick­Tock” McClintock’s Brazilian Jiu­-Jitsu is located right off exit 212A on I­26, just 15 MINUTES FROM ANYWHERE and offers the area’s highest level, most decorated BJJ with an emphasis on developing everyone from the hobbyist to the high level competitor for both kids and adults.



Jacob McClintock
Jacob McClintockOwner & Founder

When he was 12, Jacob began his mixed martial arts training at Elite Performance in Phoenix, Arizona but then moved over to Arizona Combat Sports. He made his pro-MMA debut in 2007. Jacob’s pro-MMA career has placed him in action with promotions such as FIGHT FORCE2, UWC, Total Combat, and Bellator Fighting Championships, traveling all over the world including Brazil and Russia to fight. Jacob has a current pro-MMA record of 8-­2 with all contests ending in the 1st round. Jacob’s true passion is Jiu Jitsu. Jacob earned his Black Belt under the famed Gustavo Dantas of GD Jiu-­Jitsu/Nova Uniao, Arizona and can now share his expertise in Charleston, through his new school, Tick­Tick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • 4× U.S. National Champion
  • 4× PAN Games Champion (Including 1st in weight & 1st in the US vs Brazil)
  • 2007 World Championships: Bronze Medal
  • 2012 Arizona International Open: Gold Medal
  • 9th Arizona Grappling Challenge 2nd place
  • 10th Arizona Grappling Challenge Champion
  • 5th AZ Open Champion
  • 2007 Arizona State Champion
  • 11th Grapplers Quest West Champion
Jonathan Jader
Jonathan Jader

• 28+ years of Martial Arts training and Competition.
• 3rd Degree Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate.
• 8yrs of Kodokan Judo.
• 10 years+ of Thai boxing training. (Several of those under Dutch Thai boxing instructor Alex Livetti)
• 2 years under UWMTA Muay Thai instructor Trirata Earmsmuth
• AMAF Certified Personal Trainer
• Coached several amateur fighters, two amateur champions,
• Experience transitioning amateur to professional fighters, and professional fighters who have competed on broadcasted networks.
• Coach/corner of accumulative 40+ fights

Joshua Boring
Joshua BoringKIDS COACH
  • 2nd Virginia state championship
  • 1st Fayettville / Fort bragg Militart open
  • 1st west Georgia university invitional
  • 2x freestyle SC state champion
  • 2x greco roman SC state champion
  • 1st NHSCA national champion
  • 1st AAU National champion
  • 1st SC state champion (gi)
  • 2nd SC state champion (no gi)
  • 1st NC obx submission champion
  • 2nd BUD cup National champion
  • 1st international Grapple Fest
  • 1st Do or Die Submission fight champion
Pierre Guillet
Pierre GuilletMMA COACH
  • Over 17 years of experience in MMA
  • World extreme fighting veteran
  • BAMA fight night runner up 8 man Tournament
  • Rhode Island Vale Tudo vet
  • Battle on Broadway vet
  • Light Heavyweight Champion / Ultimate Combat Cage Rage vet
  • Bodog Costa Rica vet
  • Swedish Shooto vet
  • NAGA Sweden vet
  • Swedish Abu Dhabi Qualifier vet
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks
  • Started training in Muay Thai with Dutch stylist Alex Livetti
  • Continued training kickboxing and striking arts with Coach Jonathan Jader
  • 9-3 MMA record
  • Gauntlet Trials 4 Lightweight One-Night Tournament Champion
  • XFC Open Fighter Tryout Winner
  • XFC Lightweight and Featherweight Contender
  • 2015 Conflict MMA Fight of the Year
  • Has trained with and helped cultivate fighters in the Charleston area for the last decade.
  • BJJ Blue Belt
Jeremy Severn
Jeremy Severn

Jeremy is a United States Air Force Veteran and a graduate from Charleston Southern University. He has over eight years of experience in mixed martial arts training while earning his Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu in December of 2013. Jeremy has fought seven professional fights (4-3 record) with promotions such as Conflict MMA Promotions, Titan FC and XFC. In 2014, he was the winner of a three fight contract at the XFC open fighter tryout in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • 8+ years of MMA Experience

  • Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu

  • Titan FC and XFC Veteran

  • XFC Open Fighter Contact Winner

  • 2013 Conflict MMA “Fight of The Night”

  • 2014 Newbreed Atlanta Grappling Championship

  • 2014 Conflict MMA “Submission of the Night”