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October 2017

Make sure you drop these bad habbit’s before you get your blue belt


  Alot of people consider the belt system in jiu-jitsu as an indication of technique or time spent on the mat. And to be sure, there are definitely some standards that everyone could agree on: you shouldn’t be a blue belt if you don’t know how to do an armbar, and you shouldn’t be a [...]

Make sure you drop these bad habbit’s before you get your blue belt2017-10-19T11:38:32+00:00

Is depression affecting your Jiu-Jitsu journey?


Depression is one of the most common mental illness in the world, and although many people incorrectly associate it with feeling sad all the time, the truth is that it manifests in a variety of different mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Before I was diagnosed, I started noticing that something was really, truly wrong when [...]

Is depression affecting your Jiu-Jitsu journey?2017-10-09T10:22:59+00:00

September 2017

8 helpful tips to keep from getting injured in BJJ


8 tips on staying healthy during your bjj journey     1. Leave your ego at the door You basically have two choices: Either you tap and fix your mistake next time you roll or you can try to escape a very tight submission and get injured, risking even having to go through surgery. That’s [...]

8 helpful tips to keep from getting injured in BJJ2017-09-18T15:07:41+00:00

8 tips for starting BJJ after 30


BJJ After 30 1. ADOPT A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE Your mental attitude (not circumstances) is the most important factor in the quality of your experiences, especially in jiu jitsu.  If you keep telling yourself that you’re too old, then it’s going to come true. But if you’re focused instead on what you can do and [...]

8 tips for starting BJJ after 302017-09-12T12:35:28+00:00

August 2017

Tick-Tock BJJ New Breed Re-Cap


  The New Breed / North Carolina State Open was held on August 19th outside of Charlotte NC. Tick-Tock BJJ took 2 competitors and we managed to leave with 5 medal's! It's always awesome to see people set a goal, work towards that goal, then accomplish that goal. They both looked awesome this weekend taking home [...]

Tick-Tock BJJ New Breed Re-Cap2017-08-23T20:52:22+00:00

July 2017

N.A.G.A Myrtle Beach


Tick-Tock BJJ had an awesome time down in Myrtle Beach this past weekend, only taking 5 guy's and we came back with 10 medal's! This was one of the best Team performances we have had since opening over a year ago! We are making some noise out here in Charleston SC.  Everyone has been putting in [...]

N.A.G.A Myrtle Beach2017-08-23T19:42:07+00:00